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Along with a full quiver of performance skis in the garage, his  Pivot Mach 5.5 and Niner Rip 9 mountain bikes have a place of honor next to his beautifully-crafted Brazilian rosewood rocking chair.

The Niner displays its own motto, visible when he rides   -

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Fine Woodworking Design Book Four

Montgue Gallery - San Francisco

Crashing at speeds as high as 80 mph resulted in spine and knee injuries. He became a ski instructor on Aspen Mountain for 15 years, but the desire for competition drew him into car racing where he participated in Formula Continental and Porche Racing Club, winning podium positions and garnering admiration for his innate 'zen', when thinking is too slow.

A Full Life

pedal damn it

A furniture artist for 35 years, his work has been featured in art galleries from coast to coast including; Aspen, Park City, San Francisco and New York. 

Living a full and satisfying life included an exciting array of sports. At 16, Jeffry participated on the Aspen, Colorado club racing team where he was 'A' seeded. He advanced to the top 50 in the US, moved into professional racing and competed in syncronized skiing.

"Design is my foremost thought. Each piece leads me in a new direction, or adds a new twist to an existing piece. Some just start, but when I draw and build cardboard models, by the time these are completed, I know what each surface will consist of. It is an interesting process in which I think I am just a passenger.”

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Raven  - Aspen, Colorado

Chicago Tribune

"Design is my foremost thought. It is an interesting process in which I think I am just a passenger."

Architectural Digest

Jeffry Mann creates artistically-considered fine furniture. His work is visually alive and stands out as a bold statement in the value of great design, becoming part of a living, inhabitable space.

Fine Furniture

Buffalo Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

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35 Years as Craftsman and Artist

Artistically Considered

The Guild - Sourcebook of American Craft Artists

Fine Furniture, Artistically Considered

Putting car racing behind him, Jeffry still pursues continual growth in his sports activities - recreational skiing and mountain biking near Sun Valley, Idaho. Always the analytical tactician, he pushes to execute the best in technical skill.

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